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About Our Positive Surrogacy Team

Positive Surrogacy is located in San Diego County, California. We have over ten years of experience in the surrogacy field. Our experience includes working with experienced professionals in third-party reproduction. We also attend industry conferences to stay up to date on third-party reproduction to further our experience and ensure we stay current with industry guidelines. We are proud to share that we have extensive experience in facilitating successful matches, case management, trust account disbursement, network events, expo events and support management.

During the course of our years working in this miraculous field, we have built strong relationships with industry professionals which has allowed us to carefully manage hundreds of smooth and successful cases with happy intended parents and surrogate mothers. Positive Surrogacy also has references and testimonials from former intended parents who are now happy parents with our help. Please feel free to inquire.

Our goal is to provide an intimate, one on one approach that intended parents and surrogate mothers need for a positive journey. Our priority is to only accept qualified, healthy, happy and responsible surrogate mothers into our surrogacy program. We believe this will ensure a positive journey for all parties involved. We are also delighted to share that most of our surrogate mothers that apply to our surrogacy program come to us highly recommended by former surrogate mother’s that we have previously worked with. This is an enormous compliment to positive surrogacy as surrogates trust us with their family and friends for a happy surrogacy journey.

Please feel free to ask for references as well as testimonials from previous surrogates that we have shared a journey with. 

Our Team

Christine Chavez

Intended Parent Program Director

Christine Chavez built Positive Surrogacy side by side with Bernadette Hendricks after the two worked together in the industry. Christine brings great passion to Positive Surrogacy and the industry with her love for Surrogacy. 

Stacey Diehl

Administration Assistant

Stacey Diehl joined Positive Surrogacy LLC in 2018 to provide administrative support to both directors Christine Chavez and Bernadette Hendricks. Stacey is an intricate and valuable part of the Positive Surrogacy team.

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