Christine Chavez

Intended Parent Program Director and Founder of Positive Surrogacy LLC.

Christine Chavez built Positive Surrogacy side by side with Bernadette Hendricks after the two worked together in the industry. Christine brings great passion to Positive Surrogacy and the industry with her love for Surrogacy. She has succeeded in doing so with her high level of professionalism, her compassion for each client and surrogate that she meets. Early in her career in our industry she built strong relationships with many of the professionals in third party reproduction allowing her to give our clients endless access to the most respected doctors, attorneys, and vendors in this industry. As a two time surrogate herself she has firsthand knowledge and experience to offer Surrogates and Intended Parents. Christine has helped hundreds of couple’s match with their ideal surrogate, she has recruited many surrogates over the years by sharing her experience and love for surrogacy, all resulting in hundreds of amazing journeys and healthy babies.

Before joining the industry, Christine had extensive experience in a variety of management roles, marketing, and client support. Becoming a mother at a young age Christine knew she wanted to set a stellar example for her children to follow in. She worked during the day and took college classes at night to excel in her professional life. She worked hard to climb the corporate ladder but it was when she was introduced to Surrogacy that she knew what her true calling was. She was offered a position in the industry and hasn’t looked back since. Now a co-owner of Positive Surrogacy she works hard to provide a five-star service to her clients and surrogates. Christine is known to work endlessly to ensure her clients dreams of becoming a parent and/or growing their family becomes their reality. She handles every client and surrogate with great compassion and poise.

In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and their three  children. Some of their hobbies as a family are boating, hiking, riding their bikes near the beautiful beaches of San Diego, and visiting family as often as possible. Christine is very passionate about the Miracle Babies Foundation and participates in their 5k each year and has helped raise thousands of dollars for many foundations. She is also known to volunteer her time and fundraise for The American Heart Association and The American Diabetes Association. Each of these three foundations hold a special place in her heart. For many years, Christine volunteered during the summer at Camp Wana Kura for The ADA, which is a week long summer camp held here in San Diego for children ranging from the ages of 5 to 12 who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Christine and her husband also often take clothes, blankets, and food to the homeless around San Diego County. 




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