Surrogacy Compensation

As a surrogate carrier you can earn up to 60,000 as well as many additional benefits!

Being a surrogate carrier is life changing and can not only help a couple in need, but at the same contribute to your household income. 

At Positive Surrogacy, we stay up to date on what is competitive and within industry standards. Becoming a surrogate carrier requires time and sacrifice, so we want to make sure that you compensated fairly and accurately.

We offer an excellent benefit package. The Positive Surrogacy Benefit package is an outline of how you are compensated as a surrogate carrier. Not only are you compensated for carrying the surrogacy pregnancy, you are also entitled to many other benefits such as, Life insurance, health insurance, maternity clothes allowance, surrogate support groups attendance fee, surrogate retreats, and pregnancy wellness pampering. All these benefits allow you to enjoy the pregnancy stress free, thus resulting in a healthy pregnancy!