Positive Surrogacy Gives Back: Miracle Babies

Positive Surrogacy is committed to serving our community! We work hard to support our partnerships and represent in all areas of creating families! For the 3rd year in a row, our team, surrogates, family and friends have participated in the Miracle Babies 5k at NTC Liberty Station.

Miracle Babies is a National Nonprofit (501c3) organization that helps provide needed education, research and financial support to families and NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Units) programs. When a baby is born prematurely an amazing team of Doctors, nurses and medical staff work day in and out to make sure each one is granted the best opportunity for a happy, healthy life. Our community is blessed to have access to many award winning NICU’s including the Rady’s Children’s Hospital and Sharp Mary Birch, just to name a few.  With research and education improving technology, infant life-saving skills have increased throughout the years and infant mortality has decreased.

In San Diego, we are also fortunate that we are home to some of the most brilliant Doctors and we love them! Founder of Miracle Babies and world renowned Perinatologist, Dr Sean Daneshmand, MD is a legend in his own right! He is not only a brilliant man but also one of our favorite Doctors as many of us and our surrogates and have been under his care. Having the support of someone who is an expert in his field and also the bedside manner of a Saint, helps to relieve the stress. (Did we mention he is also nice on the eyes?! 🙂

Life in the NICU can be some of the most precious and scary times for new parents and surrogates alike. Tiny babies need a lot of medical support and closeness with their families. Miracle Babies also provides care packages and financial support to families to help enable them to be present during this difficult time.

Close to Home- Kendra’s Story  

Our very own co-founder Christine had a “Miracle Baby” in the NICU at Sharp Mary Birch. Her younger sister had attempted a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean) at Sharp Grossmont hospital when her uterus ruptured and caused the baby to be without oxygen for quite some time. Baby Kendra was delivered and rushed to the NICU at Sharp Mary Birch and received the best emergency care.  And although the following weeks were a very emotional and hard time for Christine’s family, they are happy to report Kendra is a darling 2-year-old who brings joy to their lives every day. Sister Stacey recovered as well.

In the IVF world and pregnancy in general, not all babies reach full term. Surrogates are no stranger to the NICU. Many surrogates, including myself (Krystal, your blogger) spent weeks in the NICU with preemies. But due to dedication of these “angels on earth” otherwise known as NICU teams, those sweet babes are alive and happy with their forever families. Miracle Babies helps support families during what can be some of the hardest struggles and brings light during a an otherwise scary and dark time.

Thank you, Miracle babies on behalf of Positive Surrogacy for all you have done and continue to do to improve the world for families. We will continue to support the cause always as we are eternally grateful.

Join us in Giving back!

Readers, we hope you will join our team, next Spring for another 5k! If you would like to donate or learn more about Miracle Babies check out their website for more information: