What’s in a name?

What is more beautiful than creating life? Of course, the answer is “nothing” However, if you have ever been pregnant or trying to conceive, you know that sometimes life gets difficult, stress gets high and negative thoughts can flood in. The power of positive thinking is essential to having a happy and healthy journey to parenthood. This is where the name “Positive Surrogacy” was born. The most important focus of our staff is to ensure that you will find yourself surrounded by positive support throughout your time with us. From our very first contact to the day we part ways, we hope your experience is only positive! We strive for excellence!

Meet Our Positive Surrogacy Team

For more than 12 years, Bernadette has been helping to create families. A married, mother of two, who loved being pregnant. After her family was complete, she decided to become a surrogate mother to give the same gift of life to others. “B” (as we like to call her) has had 3 surrogacy journeys including one set of twins! Being an experienced surrogate, she understands the unique challenges and experiences that lie ahead for our girls. Her love for creating families lead her to a career that spans 10 years in surrogacy support. Through these experiences, she learned how to navigate this unique endeavor and recognized somethings she would like to change in the industry.

Christine is a married, mother of three, who decided in 2012, that more than anything she wanted to help a couple create a forever family. Having had a close relative struggle with infertility, she found this mission close to home. Since then, Christine has completed 2 journeys! She has also turned her passion and professional focus on creating families. She dreamed of creating an agency where she could ensure parents and surrogates were the number one priority.

In the last 6 years, Bernadette and Christine became “surrogate sisters”, friends and colleagues. In 2016, their dreams collided, and Positive Surrogacy was born. Bernadette is proud to ensure the best support and care to any surrogate that walks through our doors. Christine is committed to making sure Intended parents can make “The perfect match”.

If you are already connected to our agency we hope that you are receiving every bit of positive support, we have to offer. If you are considering becoming a surrogate or are in need of surrogacy to help create your family, we urge you to reach out. We are more than happy to answer all questions you may have!