It is so important for our Positive Surrogacy team to work with the right professionals in this very special industry of third-party reproduction.

Positive Surrogacy is grateful that we are able to work with the best attorneys, physicians, psychologists, and acupuncturist’s in the field. It is a reflection of us an agency that our intended parents and Surrogate carriers are treated in a loving and respectful manner and provided the utmost in care.

We would like to spotlight one of the amazing companies that we work with, Conception Wellness. Conception Wellness was founded by Lisa Pugliese. Lisa has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years. Her team consists of knowledgeable and experienced nurses. Conception Wellness offers many services to our intended parents and surrogate carriers, to ensure that they are set up for the perfect surrogacy journey.

As a surrogate carrier, you always want to make sure the embryo transfer works. You as a surrogate go through weeks of IVF medications and time and dedication. At Conception Wellness, they offer many ways to bring up the success rate for the embryo transfer to implant into the surrogate’s uterus.

Once you are pregnant, they can then offer specialized pregnancy massages, which is also a great benefit. If you are experiencing any sickness from the pregnancy, they will prepare an individualized plan to help you feel like yourself again. We love all the great services that they offer and love that our surrogates are able to enjoy their services.

Positive Surrogacy has received numerous positive comments and raving reviews from our intended parents and surrogates that have used their services such as, acupuncture, preconception wellness, IVF success, and postpartum support, so it was only fit to spotlight this beautiful company.

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